More Information - Network/Multi User Information

Using our software on a local area network (LAN):

To use our software on a network is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

1 - Install the evaluation and register the Pro version of the software

2 - Close the software

3 - Move the back-end database file to a shared network drive

Example: By default when you installed the software you will see a file called "Donation_BE.accdb" in the "C:\InstallPath\" directory. You need to use windows explorer to move this one file to a new location that is shared by all the users you are going to have (example: You move the file to the shared H: drive).

4 - Start the software

At startup the software, since you moved the back-end database, the software will not be able to find the database and will display a screen for you to locate the back-end database. Simply change the location to the shared network drive you placed the database, select the file and click Open. The software will now remember that it should always use this back-end database.

At this point you have ONE user using the software, with the database in the right location. For each additional user do the following steps:
  • Install the software
  • Enter the correct registration code
  • Close the software
  • DELETE the file "Donation_BE.accdb" found in the installation directory (usually C:\InstallPath\)
  • Start the software
  • The software should prompt for the new location of the back-end database, choose the file on the shared network drive and click Open

Feel free to contact us for help in setting up your software so it works with multiple people on your network.

If you need to use the software across a wide area network (WAN) please contact us for details.