Screenshots for DonationPro - Donation Management System

Here are a few screen shots of the DonationPro – Donation Management System:

Contact Screenshots

This is a list of all your contacts. You can easily search or filter the list to find any contact's information. The ribbon at the top allows for easy navigation to other areas of the program.

Contact Detail screen (General Tab)

Contact Detail screen (Misc Tab)

Contact Detail screen (Donation Summary Tab)

Contact Detail screen (Relationships Tab)

Activity Screenshot

An activity is to record various types of information (appointments, meetings, phone call, emails, task/to dos etc...).

Donation Screenshot

Batch Donation Screenshot

Pledge Screenshot

Campaign Screenshot

Event Screenshot

Opportunity Screenshot

Company Screenshot

Invoice Screenshot

Report Screenshots

Example of one report

Email Screenshots

Email using mailing Lists

Selecting an email template

Customizing an email template

Sending email

Letter Screenshots

Letters using mailing lists

Selecting an letter template

Customizing a letter template (in Microsoft Word)

Filter/Querying Screenshots

Filter main screen. A filter is a query the user builds to show records that satisfy some criteria. Example: The user could build a query that shows all the conatcts who gave more than $1000 this year. You can then use these filters in reporting, exporting to excel, sending email or letters etc...

Building a filter by selecting the criteria.

Building a filter by selecting the criteria.